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Things You Need to Know About Auto Loans

A car is the second most expensive purchase you can make after a house. It is a big decision and is a new step into life. Because this buying a car is so important, you must do extensive amount of res

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Buying a Car with Bad Credit

Here at Universal Auto Selma, we want to give you all the advice on buying a used car no matter the situation. Whether it was naïve decisions, bad timing, or unstable financial status that caused you

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Make Your Car Last Longer

Just because your car looks beautiful on the outside does not mean your car is beautiful on the inside. In this blog from Universal Auto Selma, we will be discussing the keys to making your car last l

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What to Know Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is different than buying a new car from a dealership. A new car comes from a dealership and is exactly the same as the similar ones made in a factory; a used car can come from a neig

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Searching for Used Cars in Selma

Buying a new car is always risk free and easier to search for than a used car, right? Wrong! Buying a used car has become easier today more than ever before. There are more benefits to buying a used c

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